Sunday, January 18, 2009

W595, meet your new brand: (void).

W595, gray and blue

A2-DB3150 Flashing / Debranding. This is the fancy name for which you must look up in the web, if you need to remove the annoying, unpractical and often limiting (and annoying, have I mentioned it's annoying??) branding that certain network operators carve into the great Sony Ericsson W595 (dubbed Walkman). A2 it's the chipset family, and DB3150 is the motherboard type, I'm told. On the other hand, the vast majority of forums tell you that you can edit a little file in the phone to inform the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) that it needs a new (generic) firmware. Well, that didn't happen to me. Why? my Fw was already up to date. So the other option was to flash the desired generic fw into the phone. I found out that I had to pick one with the appropriate language settings (e.g., Western Europe would have, among others, English and Portuguese). And I also found out that some tools to do it, with the appropriate guidelines. So, without further ado, for your referencing pleasure, here's the first set of instructions to achieve debranding:

1. Download a2uploader.rar from here A2UPLOADER-download(also contain Gordon's Gate Setup) and unpack
2. Run Gordon's Gate Setup and install flash drivers (if you already didn't install)
3. Download MAIN, FS and custom files for your phone (all needed files you will
find here in download section - firmware(MAIN and FS) or custom files (CUSTPACK)

[From A2-DB3150 Flashing - Top Sony Forums]

Read the article for the rest. And enjoy, for instance, 3G networks blocking, and the consequent longer battery life! :)


Mona said...

I have just bought a w595 from Ireland, to use on the Australian network, it has been unlocked so i can use it to make calls and send texts however not to get on the internet or use any application that needs to. i am told that the motherboard is locked to European network and not australia. How do fix this?

Edgar Gonçalves said...

i have no sure fix, but i believe you need to change some firmware settings on the phone. if you don't know how to unlock it, trust me, you're better off getting it done on a capable phone shop.