Tuesday, December 08, 2009

a few years later, i've come to try the emacsen way to blog. not that i'm unhappy with the ecto/mac way of doing it. but let's face it, i'm trying to keep my geek factor alive, here :d pros - weblogger.el seems to work. to use a blogger backend, just load the file (i fetched it from emace lisp package archive) and fire 'M-x weblogger-setup-weblog'. Then replace the default endpoint with http://www2.blogger.com/api and you're good to go. Editing a post is very mail like - the emacs/gnus way, which is impeccable. cons - usability is somehow lacking, specially because you don't have a post-list view to select from. after the setup (or after fetching all entries) you're presented with the last post you wrote and you can move to the next or previous ones. and you can start one from scratch. But there's a post management gap here. someone with spare time and willing to learn emacs may take a jump at this, i can provide for tips and drinks along the way! :d back to real work, now. cheers.