Sunday, April 15, 2007

CD Library

Well this was fun to make. I picked up my favorite language (Common Lisp) interpreter (CLISP 2.40), an API to use Windows' MFC controls and widgets (Graphic-Forms, by Jack Unrue - thank you!), and started up building some abstractions to make it usable as a UI builder. The output was an initially example application to catalog a media collection. Now I can see this getting bigger, and even useful for the likes of me that own tons of misplaced discs in between home, workplace, several cases and boxes and even in friends' places.

The details and source code will be released as soon as I get some more spare time (I may rush it if get any special request, but hey - I know the outcome isn't *that* good!). For now, grab the installer here. Note the two buttons called "New" and "Remove" aren't working yet!