Monday, March 24, 2008

DVD Flick

So I hear you just got yourself into the getadivxthengetasubtitlefilethenwanttousethelivingroomdvdplayerandwhatnow? game. So now you have to know that most operating systems out there can burn dvd's, but the conversion stuff is too kinky for them to work out of the box. I won't go into the required legalese to explain the issues at hand - google for it, if you really want. Let's skip to the interesting part. You're stuck with Windows. I pity you. But it's not a lost cause, at least for a simple task such as divx into dvd conversion. Oh, and I know there are PLENTY apps out there to do the job. But can they also do subtitles sleekly as well? I've used WinAVI Video Converter, but now there's a free (as in speech) little tool that simply works! Get the app, install it, and give it a test. for the record, I'll itemize what this does:

  1. Pick an AVI file
  2. Pick a subtitle file (srt, perhaps)
  3. Produce a nifty DVD playable with a subtitles track!
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